21w10a brings fancy fog to AMD GPUs

The newest 1.17 snapshot released today updated OpenGL to 3.2. I was expecting this to not change much about the game, maybe bring some performance improvements, but nothing major. However, I noticed right away that the fog looked different. Instead of being a flat pane of fog (fast fog), it's radial fog (fancy fog). In the past, this fancy fog has been exclusive to NVIDIA GPUs, as their OpenGL support was the only one to allow this option. With this snapshot, though, AMD GPUs now support the better fog. It's a really small detail, but it makes a massive improvement to the looks of the game.

21w08b: fast fog

21w10a: fancy fog

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/m25e3z/21w10a_brings_fancy_fog_to_amd_gpus/

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