AGLS quality

We was competing at AGLS and several times saw cheating squad. I do play in fps for more than 10 years, being competing against best players on the world in Quake, Crysis and etc. So I can clearly recognize true aim and fake one. We reported em and informed admin but admin said that we need video-proofs (at pro arena, lol). We recorded 99,99% proof videos and sent em to admins. They re admitted that it looks like cheat and sent em to EA.
And what do ya think EA did? They just watched the video without any code-check and responded "no solid proof of cheating". WHAT THE HECK?!
For which freakin reason we have "report" button if it doesn't mean anything and no one even cares?
If it's true, it's a big shame on Respawn (WITH ALL DUE BIGGEST LOVE AND RESPECT) that even at PRO arena, no one cares to even check some reports PROFESSIONALLY.
It means that anyone can play using professional personal written cheats with overlay (even streaming) till final Apex championship and no one even would care about that.
I hope to receive any response from devs.


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