Bhop Healing should be added back to Solos

I'm for Bhop being added back to the entire game, but I understand the whole "not how the game was intended" argument. But I think it's fair to add back to solos and here's why:

In solos, most of the time when you're healing is after a fight. The main time you would heal during a fight is it both people have cover or the other guy is getting 3rd partied. Otherwise you'd probably just get pushed.

So what does Bhop Healing add to this situation? It helps you survive against the third party. It helps fights last longer. It encourages better movement. And at the very least, it helps healing after the right feel way less sluggish.

I mean another thing they should definitely add is shield heal on kill, but if they don't then bhopping will be a huge help to surviving 3rd party.


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