Can anyone else in Colonia confirm this settlement location results in framerate tanking for you…?

Near colonia in the Carcosa system settlement "Maiboroda Liberty"

It's a nice-looking military installation run by anarchy faction, so you will not get a bounty by wiping them out.

I suspect that it is the fact that it has a lot of nice interesting big rock scatter and surrounded by nice mountains that is causing the framerate melting down to single digits.

There is also a lot of surface texture pattern resulting in a lot of Moiré patterning effect going too – don't know if that might be adding to the framerate drops or a clue.

You can see some of the Moiré patterning going on, and the big rock scatter

Symptoms I got on landing were frequent framerate tanking from steady 75fps down to 20 or even 10. and sometimes sticking at 1fps believe it or not. Try deploying srv and driving around vs just getting out on foot. I think that also makes a difference to how bad it gets.

I also saw a lot of NPCs just stuck and not moving around, and all empty lockers, but I was at least able to yoink the power regulator so it wasn't a complete loss

I did a different settlement mission and a combat zone that did not have this problem. So I am beginning to suspect only certain types of terrain are triggering this meltdown. Some confirmation from others to help FDev un-f*#& this without devolving to a flame war would be nice.

Once I get confirmations I'll raise this on the tracker for what it's worth


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