CXI policy update

Serb(proxyalpha) has requested me to publish this

We at the Coexistence Initiative regret to inform you that our policies regarding thargoids and player bounties has changed.

Coexistence–its in our name–is what the previous leader failed, instead of uniting the players to conserve the beautiful creatures that are thargoids, he decided them even more. With this noted, CXI will close it's doors indefinitely and the server will be rebranded.

Furthermore, a bounty has been issued for the previous leader, who I'm sure all know who that is. What is the reward? A high five. We at CXI prioritize fun over the well being of certain community dividing cmdrs.

With this said I hope we can come to an agreement to issue licenses to cmdrs who with to euthanize thargoids, and enforce laws against unlicensed poachers.



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