Dear Players

Can all players with shit badges and less than 7 days played please stop advising players or voicing any opinions on here or uploading videos of shit pathfinder plays that even their grandma could do

It’s almost as bad as commenting on a models picture on Instagram saying “you don’t suit pigtails” – Really, like, who gives a fuck what you think? Do you even think before typing or consider how retarded you look lol

Read this carefully: Your logic, knowledge and opinions are simply… invalid. And half the time I’m reading this subreddit and smh at the ridiculous comments some of you make…. Especially the Kraber post… Jesus Christ, half the people in there commenting have shit for brains for sure

Clearly the majority of players here are bad octane players who stim everywhere without thinking enemies can hear you.


You shoot 1000m away with an r99 at a pathfinder on a zip line giving your position away only to get rekt by a team with actual brains.

Stop. It.

Just some advice from a player with 3 20kill badges

Yours sincerely


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