Elite Dangerous HUD Mod (EDHM) v1.4 has landed

Hi CMDRs, I'm very happy to announce EDHM v1.4 is ready for your HUDs.

It's a pretty huge update with lots of options .. and yes, you can change the standard blue/purple/white 🙂 (by far the most popular request since the beginning).

Download Link


Version 1.4 features:

19 Cabin/cockpit lighting colours

19 Distributor styles

20 CHUD colours (combat HUDs) plus a new bird-of-prey CHUD style

15 Radar colours

10 Targeting reticles

15 Shield colours

15 OwnShip hologram colours plus a new Tron hologram

15 Panel line colours

Included is a Panel Opacity booster hotkey for times when the sun/starlight is shining on the panels


There are 10 preset profiles, including the leaked Saud Kruger HUD, a Federation Army camo HUD, and of course the Christmas HUD




And you can make your own profiles once you become familiar with how it works.


The SRV had an overhaul too


I've already answered lots of Frequently Asked Questions in the previous version, but here's a few more:

Can I make my own colours?

I've set up the shader files so they're ready for customisation. Unfortunately we don't have a GUI/colour-picker yet, and probably won't until after Odyssey. But in the meantime I'll create a spreadsheet that lists all the locations within the shader files where you can add Red, Green, Blue values. However, it's not easy like the XML method, and over the next few weeks I'll put together a step-by-step video to explain how it's done

Are FDev ok with this?

Yes, FDev have been fine with all the previous versions, so long as we don't mod anything ARX related or provide an advantage over other players. EDHM has also been on the official forums for a long time now, and Old Duck's Immersion mod (using the same modding software) has been going strong since the beginning of 2020.

Can I use this on PlayStation or Xbox?

I wish there was a way, but unfortunately not. I'm hoping EDHM will be widely shared and inspire FDev to create custom ARX HUDs for everyone.

Can I make a request to…?

I need to take a break from modding for a little while. Since June I've spent over 1000 hours on this project and also have a thesis to write by early next year. So I'm happy to take suggestions but won't be doing any further development until Odyssey.

Do you realise Odyssey could break the mod?

Yes, I just hope it doesn't kill it completely. So, like everything in life, enjoy it while we can 🙂

Cheers CMDRs,


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/kh5ot4/elite_dangerous_hud_mod_edhm_v14_has_landed/

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