FDev Cares! — An Update to “How to Make Odyssey’s On-Foot Combat Not Garbage”

I made this post a couple days ago (a day ago? Idk, time is a flat circle in the 18th month of 2020) about some easy fixes to making Odyssey's FPSing better.

I wanted to do a quick update, post-Update 2, since some of these have already been addressed in the recent Update 2 — with some of them seemingly stealth fixes!

Get rid of the delay between finishing an animation and the actual ability to shoot. I did not see anything about this in the recent update, but from my quick testing in combat they have removed these delays! Testing with both SMGs and the secondary kinetic pistol, there are no longer noticeable delays between an animation finishing and being able to shoot. In effect, this means handling is much better than it was previously.

– Allow players to map equipment to hotkeys. This was implemented!

Credit is where credit is due. If FDev is lurking, <3 you guys and thankful that at least some of the easier fixes were made.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/nrjhtd/fdev_cares_an_update_to_how_to_make_odysseys/

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