FORTnITE Competition Results.

Thankyou to all who entered my little competition, there were many great entries, and some one that made me have a good chuckle.

But I have I'll chosen the winners.

Weapon Winner

Bucket/Balloon launcher

Description: the Bucket launcher shoots slow moving projectiles. Theese projectiles could be a bucket filled with water, or a water balloon.

The projectiles explode on touch like a rocket launcher and dont bounce away like a grenade launcher. The explosion would cause the ground covered in water for 3sec in a 1.5 m radious circle.

Would slow down husks by 50%, and deals additional damage to fire husks.

If the bucket launcher hits a ceiling, the water would drop on husks and slow them down and additional damage to fire husks.

If it hits a wall, only affects the target, which is currently hitting the wall.

Slow amount stacks and refresh the duration:50% – 55% – 60% – 65%(max)

  • weapon type: grenade launcher (infinity ammo, low durability)
  • projectiles also have arc
  • damage: 0, but deals moderate damage to fire husks.

Trap Winner

Claw trap

-Damage Type: Physical
-Targets: Single and area, because we can dream. and this it's a trap that sizes 3 tiles on width
-Placed on: Ceiling
-Looks like: A claw likes a claw machine/teddies machine

-What it does: the claw, on 2 tiles/radius up, slides down and could trap a single enemy and slide up stuck to the ceiling 3 seconds when pass on the middle/center, but the third use, use the 3 tiles trap.
Normally can't trap smashers or other big enemies, but always the third or four use, it's effective against this type of mobs too and start again repeating the process. This maybe have more strategy on the game or act as a chance.

Special: temporary slow down target(s)

I will be in contact later one today to give out the prizes
So congratulations to the winners.

And I will be doing one more competition later on in the week for my last key.


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