ICYMI Here is the Decryption of the latest message!!!

As I'm sure you've heard I took your advice and went to the games.
It's the only way to get close to the people that framed me.
All I had to do was distract the Syndicate long enough to get "Crypto's" credentials into the system. You were right about the qualifying matches. I looked into it, and there's no way I could have gotten i. So I went with Plan B: I took down the repulsor tower.
I had no idea it would be so insane. I'm hoping the damage was enough to to close King's Canyon. So I can hitch a ride on the dropship off Solace and find the evidence I need somewhere in New Dawn.
I just I see you one last tim and I don't get blown up b fore I go off-planet. ( Sorry. Paranoia leads to gallows humour) Thank you for always being the mom I needed. I'll be in touch. Try not to worry too much. What's that you always say? It's hard to be scared when you're prepared.

Credit: Apex Legends Intel

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/d8qdya/icymi_here_is_the_decryption_of_the_latest_message/

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