Im seriously done.

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero Guides

What the FUCK is wrong with this game? 70 minute game. First opponent Mars starts RUNNING DOWN MID at 20 minutes. Then my tide decides to join him and refuses to play and sits jungle. 20 minutes later Tide starts high fiving the other team saying "Mars look im not playing too!!!" begging for attention because obviously he gets none in real life as a loser. Then my CK gets annoyed at the 60 minute mark and sells ALL ITEMS and shadow amulets in the jungle. I am ancient apparition and have 0 chance to win this situation. I just have to hope the game changes for 70 minutes of my fucking life while 70 minutes is nothing to these people. This cannot be real. This game is so fucking toxic that I legitimately hope all of these people get tortured to death. This is 10000 behavior score. These people are in every game, I just happened to have MULTIPLE in the same game. HOW?

My build was stupid, but that was well after mars started feeding. And with these idiots I dont care. Honestly it was necessary in a 4v4, soon to be 2.5 vs 5

I have the replay to prove that dota is UNPLAYABLE. These people have NO life and nothing to lose. I should be ALLOWED TO ABANDON A GAME LIKE THAT. Imagine I WOULD GET PUNISHED for abandoning a game THAT



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