Looking For A PVE Specialist To Join Fortnite Community Podcast

Hey guys and gals the Fortnite Community Podcast is looking for a very knowledgable Save The World player to add to the podcast for the STW episodes. We are the largest Fortnite Podcast with over 510K views already with 15 episodes already published. If you are interested in joining and think you would enjoy making this type of content with the team leave a comment here or send us an email to FortnitePodcast@gmail.com. You can check out all our current episodes on most RSS apps and also at FortnitePodcast.Podbean.com

UPDATE: Sorry if my original post was not detailed enough. Therefore let me give some additional information.

I am looking for someone that is knowledgeable with all aspects of SAVE THE WORLD, understands all the systems, and feels that they would be a good part time host for the SAVE THE WORLD episodes. Please note this is an open schedule at the moment but most likely it would be 1-2 hours of recording every two weeks and we usually record on Sunday afternoon. I want to have someone that is active on the reddit, plays a good amount of STW (doesn't mean you have to be the highest lvl) and most importantly wants to help others in the community gain more knowledge on this part of Fortnite.

In addition if anyone here thinks they have a good topic or something they want to bring to the community as a guest sometime let me know. THE MAIN FOCUS of this podcast is to provide good content to Fortnite Fans both BR and STW and also include the community! So please don't be shy to speak up! Thanks again for all the support and replies so far! Let me know if you all have any other questions.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/7zu05j/looking_for_a_pve_specialist_to_join_fortnite/

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