New Guardian ruins discovered in the Graea Hypue YE-Y d1-212 / 3 a

We at IGAU, the Intergalactic Astronomical Union squadron, are proud to announce that our survey around the IC 4673 nebula has borne fruit, and we have found undiscovered Guardian ruins in the Graea Hypue YE-Y d1-212 system. The location is the 3 a moon, which features two ruins, and brain trees as well. We've had over a dozen squadron members participate in the survey, and this discovery was made by CMDR Taen (and verified by Cmdr Urania Minora who made First Footfall).

Here are some screenshots:
System Info
Guardian Site – View 1
Guardian Site – View 2

To recap for everyone: this is the fourth Guardian system discovered to date around the IC 4673 planetary nebula. There is a 100 ly permit lock around the nebula's center star, Hen 2-333, and there is also a brain tree area that goes out to 750 ly from it. However, systems which are still within this distance but in the neighbouring Norma Arm region are excluded from this, and have no brain trees.

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