Hey guys,

I attempted to do this last weekend, but I had a bunch of people drop out on me last weekend so I deleted the post. It is now happening starting right now, sorry for the issues.

3 PMC bosses are now live, Our names have some variation of the word boss in them so you'll know if you kill us! We will be playing Shorline and hanging out at the village, in every raid we will hide at least one Kappa container or T H I C C Items case within the town. The boss cache will always be in the same location If you kill one of us be sure to look around! We will patrol the village every few minutes, good luck!

In order to make it easier for you to find us we will both be setting our server as the New York server, if you do the same there is a high chance you'll get in our game.

We will head to the nearest extract to leave the map at ~30 minutes remaining in raid. With all our gear it takes us up to 15-20 minutes to reach the town with a bad spawn. We will not leave an area if we are being engaged, unless 5 minutes has elapsed without shots fired, this is irrelevant of whether or not we are at the town.

If you want to be sure you are in the right place, we will sit in looking for group for a few minutes before each raid, so you can keep an eye out for us.

Raid 1 has ended – nothing but scavs found and killed.

Raid 2 has ended took longer than anticipated to reach the town due to combat. We killed a few players and a few player scavs, props to the scav that almost had me when i was dehydrated and badly hurt by the main road.

Raid 3 has ended. We killed 5 players, one of us died to an tunnel extract camper, was an extremely fun raid, lots of fighting, almost everyone had big guns and good gear. Added 2 Hks, an AK, an RSASS, an M4 and some glocks to the boss stash. Feel free to try and take your things back šŸ˜‰

Raid 4 had one of us bug out and be unable to load, all the gear both of us had was lost, we have to restock. We will likely bring the Kappa container now.

Raid 5 is over we killed 3 PMCs most were sniping for us, we each took a mosin round in the chest but survived.

Raid 6 is over we killed 2 PMCs. Someone killed one of us, but disappeared, a scav army attacked the survivor, but he survived.

Raid 7 is over, we spawned in the village and were ambushed by a squad while too spread out. GG guys thanks for all the super fun raids.

Raid 8 is over, we spawned in the village again, we were ambushed and Bosskiljoy737 was killed. we flanked and killed all 3 high gear attackers, after looting them we moved back towards village and were ambushed. We died just next to the lake after I was shot in the head Boss_Boxchat grenaded himself. Boss_Boxchat remains the only boss with no kills, please observe a moment of silence for him.

I forgot to mention that all of the gear off any scav/player I kill is being stored in the containers, currently both are full. Going to clear out all the least valuable stuff, but keep any of the cool loot I got off players or scavs in them. Loot right now looks like this: Hopefully it will improve with some more higher end loot! Bought a dog tag case just to put the players we kill as bosses into, it will be in the iCase.

WE SUFFERED A FATAL ERROR. One of our PMCs (the one carrying both our gear) can't get into the game, he is stuck trying to load in, but it never loads. The game deleted the gear, T H I C C case, Icase, both magboxes, etc. He is restarting his game, but it seems unlikely we will get it back. We are trying to build new gear right now, but we had done a lot of work customizing weapons to carry, bringing disappointed that we lost the tag case with all of your tags in it and all your guns, that was the highlight of this for us so far.

STATUS: Between Raids: Raid starting at ! 12:05AM EST. The KAPPA Container no longer in play, left side lobby.

Total PMC Kills by the Bosses: 15

Total Boss Deaths: 8

NEW BOSS JOINS THE FRAY! Boss_Boxchat has joined Boss_Dreadlord and Bosskilljoy737

We have died! Kappa container is in the top floor of a house that looks like a barn, good luck finding it and fighting over who gets to keep it!

Planning on one more gearset each before we quit, but we need to set up, I'll let you know when we are ready again!

We are all out of gear for now! Thanks to everyone who participated, we had a blast, hope you did too!



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