Possible story stuff afoot near Peregrina


It looks like 2/3 can be explained by the standard behaviour for factions that are pushed out of every system they are in except a single, permit-locked one in order to leave the possibility of obtaining the permit. So probably(?) nothing unusual here.

The NHSS thing does not seem to be centered around Peregrina as initially assumed, that appears to actually have been a coincidence. Instead the Thargoid bubble of 100 ly around Merope has expanded to … more than 100 ly.

So … a few things happened today:

  1. People are finding a few Non-Human Signal Sources in systems around Peregrina (but not in Peregrina itself yet(?)). It’s too far from the Pleiades to be a natural occurence.
  2. Peregrina Aristocrats have been god-handed by Frontier into the neighbouring system of HIP 18609. See how they suddenly pop up today. It’s their only presence outside their home system.
  3. A new megaship has been placed in said system, the “Peregrina Gateway”.

Coincidence? I think not. Go get your Peregrina permit, you’ll probably need it.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/q84lcp/possible_story_stuff_afoot_near_peregrina/

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