PSA: DO NOT COMPLETE SIGNAL PART 1 – Otherwise you’re not able to play.

EDIT: As this got pinned, I will re-write this in an orderly fashion. BSG did put out a thread yesterday asking for logs from people stuck at "awaiting session start" – said post was locked after three hours, saying they would already have a solution ( they only accepted a handful of logs, let me lie, around 7 ) and it will be implemented today. This happened, it didn't fix it.

BUG – What actually happens

– Finish Signal Part 1 ( and / or Mechanic Part 3 apparently now too )

– Load into any lobby as PMC, longer awaiting session start

– moves into "Deploying in 0:00:00" until you ALT F4, it'll stick there.

If you reconnect after ALT F4'ing, you will get either Synchronizing with players or Awaiting Session Start ( after Reconnect, keep in mind ) until you get a "killed by" screen – or well, you just back out yourself and die.

– 100% every raid you attempt to go into after completing Signal Part 1 and / or ( we don't know ) Mechanic Part 3.

( Mechanic Part 3 Completion seems to be a factor in this bug, too )

Yes, we are aware there are some lucky guys, maybe more quests / factors play into this, but you can see on streams ( the chatters / viewers ) and here and in that other thread there's more and more people coming forward saying they do have the exact same issue.

Battlestate has adressed a SIMILAR issue regarding "awaiting session start" but we're not sure as they promised a hotfix today, which was deployed, but didn't resolve the issue. This needs traction! (explained on top, first edit )

Nikita, 24 hours since your last comment according to devtracker, so here's an update for you:

this thread – – and more people figured out that after completing Signal Part 1, you won't be able to PMC againyou get stuck on deploying 0. ( Mechanic Part 3 seems to be a part of that bug too )

More people noticed and reported this yesterday already but only a handful are at that level to do said quests.

Please acknowledge the problem and get this working ASAP.

This is not about long matchmaking times, we are literally UNABLE TO PLAY 🙁

We all understand bugs and we're all happy for the hard work you're doing ( that came out wrong ) but this is not about "maybe you get into a game or maybe not or it just takes longer" – no, we're locked out completely, if we're affected by this bug.


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