PSA for new Pilots: Beware DECIAT gankers!

Felicity Farseer is the first engineer you can unlock, and the most important. So it's a clear chokepoint for people graduating from wee Haulers to bigger ships and longer jumps. Making your way out to MAIA for meta alloys is a long and harrowing experience as you jump from star to star to get back to DECIAT. I was personally interdicted three times (by NPC pirates) and if you lose that cargo, obv. you need to go back to MAIA and try again.

As such, make sure you switch to Solo for the jump into DECIAT. I jumped into DECIAT last night (not on a MAIA run, just because I was trying to get to G5 FSD) and was immediately set upon by a player, hit with ridiculous amounts of firepower and destroyed. I had no chance to respond, he never hailed me, I doubt he even had time to scan me. Anyway, had the same thing happened to me on my MAIA return (which I did do in Open b/c I didn't know at the time, and it turned out fine–dumb luck) that would have been painful.

I didn't lose anything except some credits for the rebuy so I wasn' t bothered by it, but it does seem shitty to prey on new-ish players just trying to get to the same level as these people. Anyway, if you go into DECIAT solo this won't be a problem. o7


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