PSA – Report all early leavers

Seriously. I finally got the update download a little while ago. I've played about 8 matches, and every single one of them, someone has left as soon as we hit the jump ship, probably because they didn't get to pick Wattson.

The very first match I had, the first random picked Wattson, second picked Pathfinder, and I picked Caustic. The second we hit the jump ship, Pathfinder left. I relinquished jump mater to Wattson, and immediately after, she left, then I landed and died before I could even attempt to loot, with no team to back me up.

The last match I played, I picked first, so decided it would be my chance to try Wattson myself. Surprise surprise, both randoms quit as soon as they could.

Please, do the entire community, and report every single person who does this. There's no fun in playing if every match somebody decides to throw a fit and leave because they didn't g set their way.


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