Quick PSA – Ordering your Bookmarks

Really quick post for those unaware, maybe this was already discussed. But renaming your bookmarks using non-alphabetical characters can help put the most important at the top. I think a good general rule of thumb is if the character's ASCII is higher than another, it'll be put further up. So like an exclamation mark (hex ASCII value of 32) will be sorted above the letter "A" (hex ASCII value of 65).

I attached an screenshot of some of my bookmarks that I added weird strings of characters at the beginning and also an ASCII table.

Couple caveats: You can't use certain characters and any bookmarks that start with spaces, the spaces will just get removed.

On the space thing though, a space character's hex ASCII value is 32 which is high. So if you do an exclamation mark and then a space (so "! ") , it will be put above something with just an exclamation mark and then an "A" for instance (so "!A"). I editted two of my bookmarks to show exactly this example.

I'm waiting for my carrier to jump while doing this, so correct anything that I may have gotten wrong.

Hope it helps someone! o7

Example of My Sorted Bookmarks


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/lsrnz0/quick_psa_ordering_your_bookmarks/

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