Quick status update

Hello there, tarkovians!

We decided to write down quick status of what is going on and what is planned to do until the end of this December.

So, right now, as we mentioned earlier, mostly we are working on the fixes. Some of them are really hard to reproduce so it is taking some time.

Current plan is to have one more (or maybe two) small patches before the end of this year with:

  • Fixes of some most annoying bugs (for example infinite healing, different crash and disconnects causes)
  • Ongoing reduction of freezes and stuttering
  • Different map fixes (physical collider fixes, culling fixes etc)
  • Rework of stationary weapon positions on Reserv Base
  • New content (clothing, weapons, gear – the amount is being determined right now)
  • And more

Other ongoing processes:

  • Loot table changes
  • Economy system testing and balancing
  • Scav AI testing and balancing
  • Upgrading of server infrastructure

So, this is it. In the end of this year we will post annual report, where we will tell about what do we plan to do in the next year!

Thanks you for staying with us and have a good raids!

Nik and BSG team

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/e9oo0a/quick_status_update/

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