Reminder that buying roubles online will get you banned.

I know most of you already know this but alot of people still dont including new players.

I felt the need to make this post because I see there is a wave of new RMT cheaters that are farming roubles to sell to players.

If you buy roubles online you are encouraging people to cheat more and not only that, BSG can track it and you WILL get banned.

Tarkov is difficult especially for those new to hardcore shooters but just look up youtube guides for money, one run in interchange can make you over 1 mill if you know where to go.

Dont risk being banned, battleye hardware and ip bans.

Its not worth it, upvote this so more people can see, idc about karma I just fucking want to play a game with legit players and the issue isnt cheaters, its the people fueling the cheaters by buying roubles online.


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