So, how would you fix the third party problem?

We all know how much third partying dominates the gameplay of Apex, it gives such a distinct advantage and nine times out of ten you're bound to win the fight if you partake in it. Every single one of us here both abuses it and gets abused by it.

I personally find Kings Canyon, alike many of you, to be the leader when it comes to being victim to a third party. This is in my view primarily due to the map being smaller.

Apex is built on movement, therefore the solution cannot break that. It's also a battle royale game, no fight should come without consequence and it's important that when you risk a gunfight you still risk others around you hearing it and getting involved but should a quarter of the map be able to hear it and be able to swoop in?

Map changes & extensions make third partying more difficult as does the defensive legend Caustic & to a less of an extent Wattson too.

Would the happy medium be quieter gunfire? Or perhaps a legend that is more efficient at preventing such an easy push?

How would you solve it?


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