@Respawn – I now have undeniable proof you fk with peoples accounts when they hurt your feelings.

  • Roughly 80 videos showcasing hit reg in *every scenario* failing to do dmg with favoritism. (pre and post patch)
  • Clear exploiting / aimbotting with reports and no action
  • Sudden change in squad quality. Literal retards allowed to not only own a computer but install this game.
  • Suddenly *every landing zone* has NO weapons, just attachments. It doesn't matter where I land. It's all garbage.
  • Extended reload times on weapons that previously reloaded in a reasonable amount of time.
  • CLEAR AIMINNG issues where opponents are aiming AWAY from me, MISS THE SHOT and I'm downed. (at least 30 examples this garbage)
  • at least 20+ examples of up to 5 DIRECT INDISPUTABLE HITS to the face and ZERO dmg.
  • Along with a dozen or so more.

This is what Respawn does. They troll accounts where the player verbally assaults them. Makes them cry and they get very mad. The soy boy weenie developers who have never actually had sex before alter accounts hit reg, drop quality, squad quality on the fly if they don't like someone.

Furthermore, when you speak your mind, report the exploiters they suspend your account. I'm on account number 18. (Also on video, little video montage of the garbage they put you through)

I should note that ALL my gameplay recorded is on a legit account. I don' have any exploits loaded.

I have 3 separate paid for accounts for RUINING season 5 as things get worse and worse, I'll begin using those in Ranked to ensure everyone is miserable. It's only fair as I won't tolerate this much longer.

There needs to be clear, painful repercussions for Respawn employees for not only taking part in this garbage, but allowing it to take place in the first place. Physical pain generally sways behavior. Fear of that pain occurring again is the catalyst for improving their behavior.

Their behavior will be corrected. Gaming studios will return to the respect they once gave their customers in the 90s and early 2000s before they thought they were in charge.

You may ask yourself.. You can ask yourself whatever TF you want. I don't really care because this post is for the 90lb developers. I WANT them to know I know.

When I'm done, they will begin work each day with a reminder.

(after this account is banned I'll be back in under 2 minutes, posting again. Let's go)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/gojots/respawn_i_now_have_undeniable_proof_you_fk_with/

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