Respawn’s stance regarding refunds for people that bought Iron Crown loot boxes

It’s not cool that they changed the pricing structure of the event skins and still haven't offered people that bought the loot boxes early-on a refund. They told everyone it was the only way to get the skins, and then changed it up a few days later. At the very least, they should give some coins back or an option for some sort of refund (like maybe trading the skins people don't want for mats or coins).

Have they said anything about this? What is Respawn doing about it?

I'm asking because EA help support is clearly washing their hands of this mess. They're saying there's no solution on their end and it's all up to the devs.

(Kinda feels like they treated their loyal customers like crap this week and anyone happy with that is basically being anti-consumer. I still hope they make this right, though. They seem to be listening to the backlash.)


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