[Serious] The country of Mozambique needs our help after cyclone! Please donate!

Hey r/Apexlegends!

I know we’re all fans of the Mozambique memes! Let’s use the power of this sub and reddit to make a difference! Mozambique was just hit with a deadly cyclone and needs our help. Please please donate to the International Committee of the Red Cross here!

International Committee of the Red Cross

[Edit]: u/Pablogelo also suggested Doctors Without Borders. Another great idea! Link here: Doctors Without Borders

[Edit 2]: Link to comment from u/StormerXLR8 with more places to donate!

[Edit 3]: Another org, IRIS, suggested by u/glorycloud here

MozambiqueHere #HereForMozambique

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/b2ki6f/serious_the_country_of_mozambique_needs_our_help/

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