Surface mining is STILL broken. Farm Horizons in the meantime.


Surface prospecting is broken in Odyssey. DSS doesn’t actually show hotspots or filter signals, surfaces don’t give materials beyond grade 1, and crystals will spawn underground.

I’ve gone to several planets with the right content
for the materials I want, yet every single time I find crystals they’re spawned underground so I can’t get to them, or they all give is nickel or iron. Grade 2+ mats are impossible to find now.

The DSS also doesn’t actually filter signals for different types of hotspots, it’s all the same blue color around the whole planet; it’s absolutely pointless. I was hoping the latest patch would’ve fixed surface mining since it’s been like this since launch.

In Horizons, the DSS marked all the hotspots. When you went to them you were guaranteed to find what you needed. Now it’s completely broken and not fun at all.

I’m not going to spend hours looking for 1 unit of 1 element when previously I could spend about 10 minutes getting everything I needed. I’ve tested this on the same planets in both versions of the game.

There are several posts about this on the bug tracker in the Frontier forums but they’re ignoring it. It’s like they wanted to make everything more of a grind and not fun.


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