T10 Cyclops instagib: Sturdy Oversized Adv Missiles Premium with Long Range Shard Basic

Im making a T10 with Long Range Shard Cannons (Tech Broker in salvation megaship), that have better penetration than normal Shard Cannon, this make the weapon better than Large Shards. But need LOT of energy and are VERY HOT, paired with Advance Missile Rack (Sturdy Oversized and synthesis of AX ammo), NPC pilot in Trident, I could instakill a Thargoid Cyclops. Synthesis is cheaper in 4 Adv Missile than 1 Premium Shard Ammo.

T10 This build have Fragments instead Shard, because I could tinker and put the correct values, Shard are unengineerable, and I can't change the stats. I need to deploy fighter, give order: attack my target, launch a heatsink, and shoot. And my heat don't exceed 100% (except sometimes). Without heatsink, 4 Long range shards are 300% heat in 2 seconds.

Convergence is enough for hitting the big thargoid. Boosting and escape from the corrosive cloud is the main problem. 7B Limpets collect mats and the hearts from inside the cloud, is the best range. Lightweight mod is useful, 7B are the heaviest limpets with 128tons.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/px2ohy/t10_cyclops_instagib_sturdy_oversized_adv/

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