The Rebuy Lesson…….

I’m sure everyone already knows this but I I have a story to share

Last night I lost my engineered modules and my Krait MK2


Logged in around 6:00 EST. Was going to find a new mining and selling system today, as I wasn’t happy with my current one anymore

I’m jumping towards the system, when I see my buddy is on and he invites me to the party and wing

(I’ve had the game for about 7 weeks now. I’m learning very quickly and avoiding hiccups but I have much to learn about)

So he is telling me that there are some conflict zones in Okinura we can go grind out.

He already has insane Federation reputation, so his massacre missions pay a minimum of 35million. (But that’s for 27-55 ships)

So we decided that the lot of us, can share wing massacre missions, and by refreshing the CZ, we can just rack up the missions that way

When you share wing missions, if we all attack 1 ship, it counts as 1 ship for each of our missions. (I don’t think it counts as 4 ships, rather 1 ship counts for 4 missions)

So two of our commanders have amazing engineered Anacondaas doing most of the tank work and shield stripping

Here’s where I messed up.

I was having 0 succes in my Imperial Clipper. All the “pros and cons” I had heard about it just don’t justify how trash it is in combat. (Granted I don’t have engineered weapons) Nonethless, most medium ships have better hard points and fighter bay capability

Thus, I shipped my Krait Mk2 to our squadrons home base, and was gonna A rate it

(It was already almost A rated, I just could never find Bullheads or the proper optional A rated)

So I’m getting super close to my rebuy. And my current ship always uses my engineered thrusters and FSD, so the Krait Rebuy was 4.9million now with A rated

I just needed hard points but I didn’t want to go over my rebuy

So my buddy says “hey I have this 39 million dollar mission ready to turn in. Just go past your rebuy; then we can cash it in before we go back to the CZ”

No problem.

So cut to 15 minutes later I’m back and ready to go in the CZ

(We we’re doing this over the course of several hours so I was getting tired and losing focus too)

We all were to excited (especially me) to jump back in and we forgot to cash in the mission

I’m doing alright in the CZ until I accidentally switched targets and now I have 2 engineers pythons on my 6

I thought I was keeping a good eye on my hull, but alas, I missed it going from 43 to 9 in the blink of a pack hound.

Andddd then I sat at the rebuy screen for like 10 minutes, telling myself I’m not that mad cause it’s a video game and it was my own negligence

Then it slowly dawns on you that you lost your engineered modules, you have no money, and you are in the starting system………

Like I said, I wasn’t too angry, but I was comically salty for a while. I said to the wing “it’s ok, I enjoy the failure” so I’m making the most of it.

While that’s the end of the story/ PSA

The story of me getting back to Okinura and outfitting one of my other ships is also an insane story. I’d love to share it. Spoiler: I encounter 3 white dwarves back to back by chance


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