This game is dead and full of toxicity

ADD A SOLO MODE!!! Ive spent a few months playing this game, getting more and more tired of it everyday. The main thing I (and all my friends) am tired of is randoms and their inability to think. Let me play solo, even just let me play and choose to have no team. Im tired of losing because random idiots get put on my team, and they have no brain cells, landing in the same spot as me and taking literally every piece of loot the game has to offer, jumping down into a 1v3 where they are in the middle of an entire enemy squad, instead of staying on a roof where they had high ground and cover. If the game doesnt fix the 3v3 only mechanic, i will be forced to uninstall along with several of my friends. The gameplay is good enough, but the lack of braincells in the human brain is baffling when i cant get a good game simply because my team is barring me from doing so. Or im carrying 2 absolute brainless buffoons to a win, where i have 20+ kills and each of them is at a hard 0-2. Fix the game or lose the people playing it respawn. I refuse to deal with this issue as of the end of july. I will be uninstalling and at that point regardless of what is updated or fixed, the game WILL NOT be returning to my system.


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