To all who play Apex Legends

I left my country and moved to the country of Turkey just for being able to play online games without restrictions. But now my visa is expired and I have to go back to my crappy country with crappy internet and no access to EA servers.

The only thing making me happy was playing Apex Legends. Every single day I was logging in after work and play with my friends. It was the only sweet time of my life, being a gamer and be able to play apex legends.

I don’t mean to make you upset and I’m not looking for sympathy. But whenever you want to complain about something in this beautiful game, Remember there are some people who only dream of being able to play Apex Legends.

Also I want to thank you for the countless hours the developers put in this game to make us such a great experience.
I will be dreaming for the day That I can play your game again.


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