Top 5 Reported Star Systems Containing Life

Hello again, CMDRs O7

In the interests of open access scientific research, I wanted to share this meta-analysis of EDAstro Codex Lifeforms and Rarities data to see which stars are most likely to contain some form of life in them.

The dataset contained 274,959 total entries across the base game, Horizons, and Odyssey. I had to clean the data a little bit by removing entries that didn't have a 'Main Star' entry which brought the dataset down to 257,242 entries. I then broke this number down further by looking at the top 5 most recorded Star-Classes to produce the following table.

The Top 5 Star Classes which are the most likely to contain life in their orbiting systems are A, F, G, K, and M. After accounting for the rarity of giants and super giants in the data, it was found that M (28.41%) and K (25.34%) class stars are the most likely to contain some form of life in them, followed by F (22.57%), G (12.30%), and A (11.19%).

Happy surveying, CMDRs O7


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