Ttk<Kills><Ttd= FAPEX

Ttk<Kills><Ttd = FAPEX

Respawn you are a liar phony company who deceive all the community with the code in your game which is made to fool players and hook them. Its very simple really (Ttk<Kills><Ttd) you will continue to use this tactic until enough players knows about it and me and other people who realise it are on the works on putting all this proof out there to make sure this stops.

For those thinking about it, just look at this…. we are in a battle royale where there so many variables in the game but 90% of the games are won by the squad with the most kills. I seen many games where i get killed and just watched the whole match and thats how it goes. When i got a few kills in the game and im out in the open i get shot at but many shots dont hit me then when you got no kills man every shot hits you, is like the other day with the squad we all running away together escaping from a squad who is shooting at us and they kept droping the guy who had no kills time after time.

I had games where I ended by my self cuz my teammates where killed, i have 0 kills but i have my lvl 3 armor, my r99, then caught a guy in the back, spray whole magazine on his back and did only 2 bars of his armor, then i see he had 9 kills, me 0.

The second question, why would they do this? And i ask you, if it was in their hand to control the way the game works to hook more players do you think they would do it or not? Ofc they would and they actually can and anyone who know about programing know they can. Also thanks to this system streamers can pull off those videos that make people want to play the game so both benefit Respawn and the streamer.

Because what is the major reason for people to get hooked? the streaks! saving your teammates by killing all the enemy squad by your self, getting that high kill count game, like come on if you played this long enough and you played with friends you had those matches where your friend that one who sux big time all of the sudden he is being the man! Is all fake and made for players like him to think oh wait im actually really Good, let me try again.


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