Twitch Rivals (5/18) and Drops Megathread

The Twitch Rivals international event among North American contestants starts on May 18th, 2021 at 21:00 BST. Similar to the European tournament, the event will be held in 2 stages on private servers, with 24 teams consisting of 3 players each. The overall prize pool is $30000.

All the participants will have Drops enabled on their Twitch channels. To earn Drops rewards, viewers need to have an active copy of the game and link their Twitch account to their game profile on the Escape from Tarkov website

The earned Drops will only be available to claim for 7 days. Don't forget to collect them in-game!

The main tournament broadcasts will be live on:

English broadcast –TwitchRivals

Russian broadcast – BattlestateGames

Learn more about the tournament here


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