Two new lines for 2020….blah-blah TL/DR; moar armor meta

New Vehicles

We’re constantly looking for outstanding new vehicles and branches to add to World of Tanks. Our key purpose has always been to introduce tanks that will provide you with fresh, dynamic gameplay.

Next year, we plan to release at least two new branches of different nations. One of them, most likely, will be a branch of heavy Italian tanks.

We're still compiling a list of the most suitable vehicles, studying archival documents and blueprints, and working closely with historians. The composition of the branch is still not finalized, but there is no doubt that the new Italian heavy tanks will have familiar firing mechanics and will continue the tradition of the menacing medium tanks of this nation.

And good chances the other line will be the double-barreled RU HT line they've already dropped the Tier VIII prem for?

Good news for lightly armored tanks! For 2020, there will be more HTs to do nothing against w/o premium ammo, and more ways for you to die before you go dark the first time you are spotted =)


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