WoT anniversary video breakdown


So I sorted out some things. I hope it's a hint for Classic Server's version timeline schedule.

I already posted it to TheArmredPatrol and they added it to their description but I want to share it with you all aswell.

0:32(T92,Löwe,KV-5 etc)0.6.4 version? or ~0.7.0
0:34seems same version
0:36French tanks(AMX 50B)0.7.1 version
0:37-40!T110E3!,!JPE100!BC25t!0.7.5 version
0:40NEW Physics0.8.0 version
0:41T57 autoloader-Heavy0.8.2 version
0:42Chinese tech tree0.8.3 version
0:43?british HT in the background0.8.1 version? – throwback?
0:441st british TD tree FV1830.8.4 version
0:452nd german TD tree WT E 1000.8.9 version
0:46Japanese MT tech tree0.8.10 version
0:47-50first HD tanks0.9.0 version
0:51STRV TD and T-100 light?1.0 version or above, able see the HD map(Steppes)
0:52OBJ 430U and Leopard 11.0 version or above, (Serene Coast)
0:54OBJ 703(122)& tier7 Hellcat1.7.1 version or above, (Tundra)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/g1fy96/wot_anniversary_video_breakdown/

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