Your Broken Lobby’s and Sbmm

I just want to share this. Hopefully it reaches someone in the dev community.

My good friend decided he wanted to play apex today cause I play a lot. He makes an account on my PS4 for himself, gets into his first game, it’s even cause everyone is new. He gets 4 kills and gets killed first match, gets to level 3.

His next 4 matches he played against champion squads who were level 500, 5-10k kills overall, 6-10k season 6 kills and 500-1000 season 6 wins.

He didn’t get 1 damage on a single person he tried to fight every single game. I just want someone to see just how broken your Sbmm is to have a level 3 person with 1 game played in his life, face off against kids who play this game probably 10 hours a day and average 500 kills a day or more.

P.s. he said that was enough to never recommend the game to anyone or follow the game in the future for any reason so he’s back to Warzone.

Thanks for ruining my friends first experience Apex 🙂


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