100 Million Rouble Giveaway!

I will be holding a giveaway of 100 million Roubles that is broken into two parts.

The first part is an EFT screenshot competition where i will select the 4 best screenshots submitted and award each winner 16 million Roubles. I will be selecting winners based on the categories of "funny" and "cinematic" so try to find something that showcases the intense, yet sometimes hilarious nature of this game.

The second part will be an in game, single elimination hatchling deathmatch. I will select 8 random people to participate in the tournament. The following payouts will be awarded: first place – 10 million, second place – 7 million, third and fourth – 4 million, fifth through eighth – 2 million.

There is no requirement to be eligible other than that you are a member of r/EscapefromTarkov and you can opt out of either portion of the event. All submissions of screenshots must adhere to the subreddit rules. I am planning to run the hatchling tournament on Saturday, November 23 around 5pm EST and will stream it on twitch. Screenshot submissions will close on November 26 at 11:59 PM EST but i may extend either date depending on circumstances. I will announce winners on Reddit and notify everyone through direct messages on how to collect winnings.

All money was earned in game by myself over 52 levels and 846 PMC kills without the use of market bots, exploits, cheats or anything else of that nature.

Please use the following google form to participate: https://forms.gle/oT7ySHkBndJMT2Bm8

Thanks to everyone who takes part and lets have some fun with this!

Giveaway approved by /u/Promods

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/dys1t0/100_million_rouble_giveaway/

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