12 card drops of December, old or new faces? What will they support?

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(I'm not an expert in witcher lore or even gwent lore, so for any errors on my part then i apologize in advance) i was curious about who the other 11 will be for the december card drops and liked to share some ideas and narrow down who we can expect, if you are interested let's continue, With the reveal of king radovid me and probably many made the connection that another 12 leader cards will be added, Last time the 12 card drop were all the leader cards so showing radovid was to make us make the connection, right? Maybe, but somethings might be new because at ST tree from the reward book it seems that all the leaders are back for this faction (fran, brouver, eithne, daisy of the valley, eldain and now fil) so who will they be? If the 12 cards are indeed old leaders coming back then we know more than half of the drop already , here they are, SK: svalblod and bran . NG: ardal and jan calveit, MO: only arachas queen if we go by reward book only but dagon is on the table too. NR and SY: i can see radovid going to SY (i personally want it for NR where i feel he belongs) and SY will have 3 remaining to choose from and 4 remians to choose from for NR. What do you think?

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