Low FPS? Try Playing Tarkov On Windows 7!

After a recent series of happy mistakes, I found myself booting into an old install of windows 7 and was impressed by how snappy performance was.

I was enjoying it so much I looked up if Tarkov still ran on Win7 and I came across a post where someone said they lost 10-15 fps after upgrading to Win10. So I decided to test it out, and was very surprised.

I did a fresh install of Win7 on a 120gb SSD, my specs are i7 960 OC to 4.2ghz, 12gb triple channel 1600, OC GTX 970.

I seen a boost of about 10-20 fps depending on the location, all my testing has been on Customs @ 1080. The lowest I get is about 57 fps, then it quickly pops back up to 61. It usually sits at about 77 fps and tops out around 88 fps, sometimes getting into the 90s. This is pretty good for an old system.

I won't get into what my game settings are as the point here is that Windows 7 provides a significant boost in performance and stutters you ask? Stutters are almost completely gone. I'll get maybe one or two a raid max.

So if you're sitting at around 50 fps and dipping into the 30's, maybe try installing Win7 for an easy gain of 10-15 fps.

Edit: really? Some wanker downvoted me without commenting anything.

What's with all the negative twats around here?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/drqak1/low_fps_try_playing_tarkov_on_windows_7/

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