2019 Roadmap Checklist (BSG has ticked off most of the list!)

2019 plans:

Next update – next big fix and optimization iteration

Bugfixing (which lead to almost all the problems in the game – gameplay, network, performance)

Arguably, 0.12 is the best the game has ever ran

-Sound positioning fixes and rework

halfway there, some audio is fixed, some instances are still awful

-Ongoing freezes and stuttering fixes (which caused by grass rendering for example)

much less stuttering than before, grass rendering was fixed

-Optimizations (optics (“picture in picture”), optimization of vegetation, special optimizations on video card, optimization of RAM)

would argue this is still ongoing

-Balance tweaks (weapon mods balancing, gear parameters changes)

would also argue still ongoing, but this may be a forever ongoing type deal

Various QoL improvements
Other fixes that you can tell us about in special topics created (https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/forum/108-support/)

Additional important things that we did not have in time in 0.11, which will be added as soon as possible

-Character clothing customization

Key-cards functionality on Labs and other location

only on labs so far

-New type of exfils on current locations

Scav lands and cliff descents added to a few maps

-SVD rifle

-New trader – Jaeger. Possibly, he will trade lost uninsured items on the last level of loyalty

-Field surgical kit (it will fix blacked body parts)

-New 3-rd person character animations and optimizations

-New anti-aliasing

-Weapon preset builds and the ability to buy and assemble them quickly

V1, can’t assemble quickly yet 😉

Patch 0.12 – the Hideout

-Visual enhancement patch (with Unity 2018 upgrade)

-Old maps overhaul

Customs expansion, woods slight rework, interchange slight changes to car/road placements, would say still in progress

-Vegetation rework

-Screenspace effects rework and optimization

-General graphics optimization

would say these are still ongoing

New locations updates

Military Base

Working stationary weapons

New bosses updates

-Each location will have a boss (and some location will have even two)

Factory/Shoreline/Labs no bosses, no location has two

The closest new boss is the leader of Woods Scavs “Kojaniy”, which you have already seen on the EFT artwork with Scav

-New PvE groups – UN troops, cultists, boss guards and others

only boss guards so far

-Updates with introduction of big storyline quests

-They will shed light on the events in Tarkov and immerse you in the plot.

we all know how we feel about Jaeger quests

Other interesting features in the next updates

-Metric (graphics) in the flea market, the inclusion of corrected dynamic prices

-Item global pool introduction (test of the global “depleting” economy)

-Offline mode improvements – cinematic mode, pve mode for playing with friends

-Inventory system changes (autosorting, usability improvement)

-Daily tasks

-Compasses and binoculars

-Mines and tripwires

minefields are implemented in two maps

-New weapon mechanics and abilities to control your character


Overall, BSG has hit the mark for the majority of the roadmap. Especially with the Unity migration, that is a huge accomplishment. Props to them!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/dtl1y2/2019_roadmap_checklist_bsg_has_ticked_off_most_of/

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