4 man wing set up for combat (PvE)

So me and my mates are relatively new to the game and really enjoying pirate hunting.

We each have a ship we enjoy (I may be buying a new one just don't know which yet.) What would you suggest we put onto each ship we have.

Currently we have…
Krait mk2 (mine suggestions on a new ship would be appreciated. I built my krait for DPS both shields and hull)
2x alliance chieftains
Cobra MK3.

The krait is set up with 3 multicannons and 2 beam lasers currently. I like just dealing overall damage.

One alliance chieftan wants to be the build to take on shields and have high penetration.

The cobra pilot likes being quick small and nimble.

The other alliance chieftain doesn't know what role to take yet.

Intrigued to what suggestions you all will have.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/m8uf64/4_man_wing_set_up_for_combat_pve/

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