A discussion about card pronunciations

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With the long-running back-and-forth about the correct way say Viy seemingly settled (it seems it should be pronounced "vee"), I thought we could discuss other cards, and there are many, where the pronunciation of the name is open to interpretation.

I'll list as many as I can think of, with different phonetic pronunciations, please add more cards in the comments and give your thoughts on how these cards should be pronounced.

Please keep discussions civil, and remember that native language, dialect and even alphabet can all affect the way different people would pronounce a word, there isn't really a right or wrong way:

  1. Joachim de Wett ("wa-keem", "hwa-keem", "Joe-akim") ("de vet", "de wet")
  2. Draug ("drorg" as in borg, or "draug" as in now)
  3. Eithne ("eye-th-nay", "eth-nay", "en-ya")
  4. Gezras (is the "S" silent?)
  5. Tuirseach (this word appears many times, is it "tur-shuck", "tear-sek" or something else?)
  6. Yrden ("ur-den" or "yur-den")
  7. Yghern ("yig-ern", "ig-ern", "urg-en")
  8. Ihuarraquax ("???")
  9. Coup de Grace ("coo-de-grass", "coo-de gra")
  10. Freixenet ("frex-en-et", "fresh-en-ey"??)
  11. Hefty Helge ("hell-ger", "helj")
  12. Fauve ("for-ve" as in door, "fow-ve" as in now)
  13. Ciaran Aep Easnillen ("see-arran", "kieran")

Some words seem to have a clear influence, e.g Irish/French/German, perhaps native speakers could give us proper guidance on how they should be pronounced please?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/mso42k/a_discussion_about_card_pronunciations/

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