A few things I need help on doing – And a new players thought on the game so far.

Walheim - five bosses

Browsing around on youtube, Can't find a good youtube series really for Valheim. Looks like there's so much stuff to do. I've had it since release but just never really got into it. Last couple days been playing it during my free time. I'm absolutely loving it.

Can anyone help me with how do I change arrow types? Like say I Have fire arrows and stone arrows in my inventory, how do I switch over to fire?

Also is there anyway to take items without having to drag? Like when I died in game earlier, found my body and to get my items back I had to drag each one back one at a time.

I don't know if quick transfer is a thing, but I'd like to make that a suggestion if not. Maybe make it like how RUST is. Hold a button down and hover over top and item and it quickly transfers into your inventory.

A little increase in stamina would be nice too. I notice starting out the stamina is really punishing. That's just my opinion.

If anyone has any valheim channels they'd like to offer for me to watch would be much appreciated. I'm gearing up to fight the first boss lol

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