A more consistent update schedule is possible by releasing patch notes a week before the actual patch delivery date

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Something that's always bothered me just a liiiittle bit is that the game is always updated and balanced around the timings of the pro scene. And yet >99% of the playerbase plays outside of the the competitive ladder.

  • Hero releases only after TI

  • New patch (no matter how big or small) is probably gonna be released after the next major, and everybody keeps facing broken heroes till then

I understand that tinkering with things before either quals or playoffs of a major will greatly affect strategies and outcomes, but whatever happened to communicating patchnotes a week in advance before they become active on the main game? It was done in the 6.8X patches I think its a perfectly fine move to make smaller balance changes along with a 7 day notice. This will help teams know what to expect moving forward and also make updates consistent for the larger playerbase.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/uhcd0z/a_more_consistent_update_schedule_is_possible_by/

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