Adding Quests to Valheim – Odin Plus “Beta”

I have been helping with a Quest Mod for Valheim "Odin's Plus" and was hoping we could get some help in testing it from any fellow Valheim players out there who run mods or modded servers.
This is best used on a "Fresh" map and with new characters for the full experience. – the plugin installs to both the client and server and can be configured on the server to set custom quest locations for "Odin and his companions" as well as a custom shop where items can be sold to Odin for skill level ups of your choice.
There are special mead that can be purchased from the Cauldron and you can trade wolf and troll trophies to a fuling shaman for 2 Companion summons that last 30min after summoned – these are still being worked on for better AI though.
Please let the dev know what you think if you enjoy this, he doesn't do so well with English, but has put in a lot of work to this and I would love for him to see some positive comments. He or myself will always address any comments or concerns via Nexus:


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