Not sure if this has ever been brought up before, but what if there was a section of the Flea Market for built weapons?

Just curious if something like this would work, where people can build weapons and then sell them for a bit of a profit. Like if you build a weapon, calculate how much you spent to build it and then sell it for a certain percentage more than the cost, but the percentage would be set by the game so people couldn't take advantage of this system. Or maybe you think it would be better as an open, free market to price however you please? I have been thinking about this and I don't really see a major downside.

This would help newer or players who aren't as good at the game or would like to save time on building their own weapons. This would open up options for people to be able to have weapons with parts that they don't have access to, for example if they have to be bought from a Level 3 dealer that someone just hasn't had the chance/time to level up.

This almost sounds pay to win but it's in-game money and you are actually spending more money to buy the weapon pre-built rather than if you had built it yourself. The only small downside I can see in offering an option where you didn't have to build your own weapon, is that it may ruin that aspect of the experience this game is supposed to give you. But I mean maybe one night you only had time for a raid or 2 but you cant because you have no good weapons, and the time you would have spent raiding is now spent building a weapon. But I think either having no limit on pricing, or the devs making the markup percentage high enough that it makes you think twice about purchasing a pre-built gun, would help with this small problem. But other than that I mean everybody like freedom of choice when it comes to video games, and with a game as hardcore as EFT, this could be a good game for freedom of a choice such as this.

I personally find it a bit annoying sometimes when my whole squad is ready but they have to wait 5 minutes for me to source the parts for a weapon to build.

But I'm fairly new to the game so let me know what you think. Maybe this is a bad idea, maybe I'm on to something! I love discussing things like this so if you say screw you this a terrible idea, I'm gonna be pretty easy going about it!


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