All of you STW players are awesome!

Not sure if this is common in PvE games but STW players have been nothing but a pleasure to play with.

I didn't know about "scamming" I see YT videos about it but I haven't ran into any of that. People have seen that my weapons are underpowered and have given me OP weapons, hilariously, with guidelines on when I should use them so I still hustle and keep the struggle going 😀

I am not an emotional person but I damn near had a happy cry there. I also shortly afterwards finally started to upgrade / update stuff. I haven't started with re-Perks yet, not sure I can yet, but, one step at a time 🙂

So I have to first off thank the players and second thank Epic for creating this. Yeah I know I'm about 3 or 4 years late to the party but was also pretty busy with life in general but wow.

I marked this as discussion as I don't see a "Thank you" flair or something but perhaps if people see this, maybe go over how you may have helped others and or been helped. If not, no worries, this is just me saying Thank You to all the STW players and devs 🙂

I mainly make it a point to run around and heal / revive squad mates. I also buffed traps more than weapons as some missions I don't find a lot of people in pubs but eventually I want to be that person that drops an OP weapon with guidelines 🙂 ✌️


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