Performance check for 1440p GTX3070?

Hey guys, my rig is pretty beefy, but I have no clue why I'm getting such abysmal frames in tarkov.

My specs are: Ryzen 5600x, 3070 FE, 16gb DDR4 RAM, and game is installed on an NVME drive.

I'm using the exact shaders and graphical settings posted by LVNDMARK here:

I have MIP stream turned off. I tried with it on and off, no difference either way.

I'm running the game in 1440p, and I'm struggling to maintain decent frames in places like Customs.

In construction I get maybe 50-70 frames. Near military base I get a solid 120. Everywhere else on the map (Old gas, new gas, dorms, big red etc etc) I average anywhere from 60-80 frames, which is super inconsistent and dips below 60 even depending on what's going on around me.

Does anyone have similar specs to mine, and what kind of frames are you guys getting?


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