Am I the only one that really doesn’t like the idea of a karma system and open world map to map travel with ingame traders?

I just watched a noice guy video on the future plans for EFT and it sounds like Nikita really emphasized those features.

The karma system sounds like it will make any of the sniping quests nearly impossible as currently you are not forced to wear a uniform and even the clothing options available can be completely obscured by rigs and packs

Open world always sounded overly ambitious to me so I was never actually worried that it would be implemented but I really don’t see how it will work. Where do you go to be safe and log off? Do players randomly spawn into the world (ie uou log off in woods and spawn in on reserve) of everyone logs in and happens to be in customs are there now 60 players in customs? This just doesn’t sound viable to me say you need something from customs but you are in shoreline do you have to traipse across the whole map just to get the folder from big red?

Ingame traders sound like cancer. If you think extract camping is bad wait til you see prapor camping. Working on gunsmith quests? Have fun trekking across all of tarkov to buy a handgrip from skier only then to have to buy a muzzle from Jáeger and then a sight from mechanic.

I dunno maybe i didn’t do my research before I bought the game and this is my fault but I love what tarkov is right now but think it needs a lot more polish and perhaps a few new features. But it sounds like a completely different game with what is planned for it and that makes me really worry about what that means.

I’d be interested in civil discussion with any of you fine gents on why you agree or disagree or why I should or should not be concerned.


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