Among Us but it’s Undertale

Flowey: Ugh. I just wanna be imposter. I’m getting close to just cheating and using my attacks.

Frisk: Wow. A new game some random internet guy made. Well, what’s the rules of this one?

Sans: teleports So, starts to explain the rules

Frisk: Uh, huh, uh, huh. Hey, I’m gonna go talk to… looks around MTT.. walks off

MTT: OH YES! Alphys! Don’t you understand the rules?! You make shows as a killer robot!

Alphys: Uhhhhh…

Undyne: Giver ‘er a break.

Papyrus talking to Nabstablook: HEY, WHEN DO YOU THINK THIS IS GONNA START?

Nabstablook: ohhhh I don’t knooooooooooow

Toriel: This game is certainly… odd.

Asgore: Ok! Time to start!

Flowey: Gosh.

Frisk’s screen is Crewmate

Frisk: Oo! What does Crewmate do?

Everybody leaves Cafe and Flowey is left alone

Flowey: looks around Come ooon! vents (digs into the ground)

Toriel is faking tasks in Electrical

Flowey: comes up

Sans: Oh. You two are imposters. Gotta run! cant teleport

Flowey: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! stabs Sans with a vine and sabotages lights Come on, let’s go.

Cuts to Papyrus’ emergency meeting

Flowey: Sa- Nabstablook kinda sus… starts to sweat

Alphys: According to my calculations, Nabstablook is clean. But MTT is-


Mettaton was not an imposter
Two imposters remain

Flowey: Whew, close on-

Undyne reports Sans’ corpse

Flowey: After last incident, Alphys may be imposter!

Undyne: No!

Frisk: Ok, looks like Undyne may also be imposter. Vote her next meeting, ‘k?

Everyone except Alphys and Undyne: Ok.

Frisk: Actually, whoever the imposter is, kill her, ok?

Toriel: Ok- yeah! They should!

Flowey: Toriel.

Toriel was in imposter
One imposter remains

Asgore and Flowey are alone in security

Asgore: Are you the imposter?

Flowey: chuckles and takes out a knife SURE! goes trigger happy

Asgore: aggghh! dies

Flowey: hears footsteps and vents

Nabstablook: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh….

Flowey: sabotages O2

Nabstablook: disappears suddenly

Nabstablook left due to a game error

Alphys: Oh gosh.

Undyne goes to admin and Alphys finishes up

Flowey: Oh, hey, Alphys! This is just so hard!

Alphys: Heh, I know!

Flowey: sees Undyne still fixing O2 TOO BAD IT WONT BE ABLE TO HELP YOU ANYMORE! shoots Alphys

Flowey: Three more.



Undyne: What? I was fixing O2!!

Frisk: Only one excuse? I’m on board with Papyrus. JUST KIDDING! FLOWEY!

Flowey: WHAT?!?! No, no, no! I was.. security!

Frisk: Where Asgore was.

Flowey: And I was in Admin, fixing O2!

Frisk: Where Alphys was.

Flowey: And I was in Electrical!

Frisk: Where Sans was. Got any more excuses?

Flowey: Fine.

Since Flowey was next to Undyne, everyone except Papyrus and Flowey mistakenly votes Undyne

Undyne was not the imposter
One imposter remains

Flowey: Kills Papyrus in front of Frisk HAHA!!



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